Special Duke Employee Tuition Rates

Employee Tuition Rate Plan

Under the Special Duke Employee Tuition Rate Program, eligible Duke employees* may enroll in undergraduate level courses for academic credit or for audit at greatly reduced tuition costs.

Tuition Rates

Employees may enroll for academic credit in an undergraduate course valued at one course credit for $975 and/or enroll as an auditor in an undergraduate course valued at one course credit for $100

Courses that are two course credits in value will cost $1,950 when taken for academic credit and $200 when audited.

Applicable Courses

These special rates pertain to courses numbered from 1 to 699 and include courses sponsored by Trinity College Arts and Sciences, the Duke Marine Lab, and the Sanford School of Public Policy

However, these rates do not apply to music lessons, physical education activity courses, Global Education (study abroad) programs, medical science courses, or courses originating from the Pratt School of Engineering.  General academic policies – such as course prerequisites and courses requiring the consent of the instructor – remain in effect.

NOTE: The special tuition rate of $975 does not apply to undergraduate coursework taken as part of a graduate degree program because of IRS law and tax implications.

How to Apply

For Credit

An individual wishing to take a course for academic credit during the fall or spring semesters must complete the Continuing Studies’ application process by submitting an application with one letter of recommendation and official college and university transcripts, pay a $35 application fee, and receive an offer of admission. Learn more about the process.

Individuals desiring to take a course for academic credit in the summer but with no plans to continue into the fall should complete the Summer Session application/registration form found on the Visiting Students’ web page.  

Anyone enrolling in a course for academic credit, whether during the regular academic year or in the summer, is required to pay a one-time $40 transcript fee.

For Audit

An individual desiring to audit must obtain the permission of the instructor of the course.  Read more about the privileges and responsibilities of auditing a university course. See also the Personal Information Form and the Audit Permission Form.

Definition of Duke Employee

The definition of ‘Duke employee’ is someone working in a regular job position for 20 hours per week or more.  Full-time Duke students and individuals working as temporary staff through Duke Temporary Services do not qualify as Duke employees for the purposes of this Program. 

Deadlines and Conditions

The completed Employee Special Tuition Rate Form must be received by the Office of Continuing Studies prior to September 1, 2015, for the fall semester; prior to January 1, 2016, for the spring semester; and prior to Monday, May 2, 2016, for Summer Sessions Term 1 and 2.

This offer of greatly reduced tuition rates and audit fees for undergraduate level courses is distinct and independent from the Employee Tuition Assistance Program (ETAP), administered by Duke University Human Resources.  

NOTE:  Some employees, if they meet the ETAP requirements, may wish to use the Employee Tuition Assistance Program for reimbursement of the $975 course tuition charge after successful completion of the course, if they apply and are approved by Human Resources by required deadlines.  To avoid late payment charges, employees should be prepared to pay the $975 tuition charge according to the regular payment dates of the Bursar’s Office.  Also, remember that The Employee Tuition Assistance Program (ETAP) does not provide for reimbursement of the $100 audit fee.  Visit Duke's HR website for information on the Employee Tuition Assistance Program.

Duke employees who do not meet the eligibility requirements for the Duke Employee Tuition Assistance Plan (ETAP) administered by Duke Human Resources may still take advantage of these discounted rates, but they will be personally responsible for paying the full, reduced cost of the course.

Tuition Rate Form

The Employee Special Tuition Rate Form (please submit this form with your course application to be eligible for the reduced tuition rate)

Contact Us

Questions may be directed to the Office of Continuing Studies by telephoning 919/684-6259 or 919/684-5375, or sending an e-mail to learnmore@duke.edu.