Nonprofit Management - Certificate Program

Curriculum for Nonprofit Management Program

The Duke University Nonprofit Management program curriculum offers a structured and rigorous grounding in the establishment, operation, and continuation of a successful nonprofit. Our curriculum reflects a comprehensive evaluation of the needs of the changing nonprofit sector. Managing a nonprofit has developed in new and exciting ways. The Duke Certificate in Nonprofit Management provides recipients the skills to navigate this changing environment successfully.

Our nonprofit courses are designed for those working in and with the nonprofit sector -- whether they are staff, directors, program administrators, board members, philanthropists, members of faith-based communities, volunteers, or those interested in employment or volunteering.

Successful completion of the Certificate in Nonprofit Management requires that a student complete 72 hours of instruction, which will be divided among core areas and electives. Students interested in earning the Certificate will be required to take five Core Courses of 6 hours each for a total of 30 hours. An additional 30 hours of Key Electives within the core areas are required. Finally, students may take General Electives, Special Topics in Nonprofit Management, or additional Key Electives to complete their instruction. Online courses are available as General Electives; a maximum of 12 hours of online courses may be applied to the Certificate. Please visit the online course demo site. Individual courses may be taken on a non-certificate basis.

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